Welcome to permanentnursing.com : Specific nurse recruitment and placement services by Comp Resource Group.

Our sole focus is the recruitment and placement of Permanent Nurses. Our network spans the entire country and is comprised of thousands of participating nurses, of which we've personally placed hundreds of them in their current roles. When its time for a change or with our candidate referral program, we receive new nurses to our pool of candidates daily.


Who is CRG and what do we offer? Watch now!

Our goal is to create long term relationships where we are your preferred partner on all your urgent nursing permanent placement openings.

We provide retained search services and dedicated marking campaigns specific to your organizations needs, all in an effort to fill your positions as quickly as possible.

The following are many of the Nursing Specialties that we serve:


Dialysis RN

General RN


Home Health RN


Interventional RN

Labor/Delivery RN

Long Term Care RN

Medical Surgical RN

Nursery RN




Psych RN

Skilled Nursing RN

Telemetry RN

As the leader in nursing placement, we find that the industry standard 60 day trial period period simply isn't long enough for you to evaluate your candidate, thus we provide an unprecedented 365 day trial period on all the candidates we provide. Thats right, a full Year!

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Trial Period

1 year guarantee on every candidate!

Yes that right, a full 12 months.

Our team works extensively with every organization and candidate to ensure the absolute right match is made every time. We are so sure of our process that we stand behind our placement for an unprecedented 6 month period. Should the candidate not work out for any reason during that period, we will replace them.

Use it...
Never lose it

Always a no risk proposition.

Get what you pay for, guaranteed!

With a retainer, a common question we hear is "What if we fill the position on our own? What if the perfect candidate walks through our door tomorrow?" Simple... should that happen, we'll apply your paid retainer toward any other position that you need to have filled. We do to ensure that our customers receive full value on their investment in a search.

Quick Placement

Working for you... and quickly!

We move fast, if we don't your protected!

The value of a Retained Search is priority. As a Retained Client you are a priority and receive a dedicated Placement Specialist whose role it is to do nothing but focus on filling your position. This dedication is what assures you that it will be done in a timely fashion. In fact, if we don't fill the position during a Retained Search in 60 days (present the candidate eventually hired), we'll reduce the Placement Fee by 25% when we do find you the perfect candidate.

Most organizations we speak with these days are frustrated with the larger recruitment firms that over charge and don’t value the smaller Hospital/Clinics which we believe are critical to the market place and thats why we make our fees affordable and offer an extended 12 month trial period - yup a full year!

We believe that retained doesn't mean higher fees, just a higher level of services.

With dedicated resources focused solely on your position and marketing specifically to fill it quickly, it affords us the opportunity to perform our services at a low cost and enable us to move on to our next client's urgent opening sooner.

Retained vs Contingent

Contingency Fee: 20 to 30% of First Year Compensation

CRG Retained Fee: 20 to 30% less than the Contingency Fee

Guarantee Period:

Contingency: 60 days

Retained: 365 days

Search Priority

Contingency: Your search is 1 of many

Retained: Dedicated Recruiter

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